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Friday, April 13, 2018

Flavor of the Week #16

White Ring
( ;D --> It makes sense that upstart label Disaro calls Houston home; the city's humid weather and the syrup-sipping roots of the regional hip-hop scene perfectly suit the label's releases, which feature swampy atmospheres and slowed-down vocals run through varying levels of oppressive static. New York duo White Ring have that distinctive lean down pat, especially on "IxC999", scheduled for release on Disaro in the next few months. A skeletal drum machine clatters with low-rider menace, while vocalist Kendra Malia alternately whispers and chant-sings about "ice in her hand" as walls of blown-out bass threaten to drown her out. At its core, "IxC999" is pretty fucking scary, from Malia's voice to the sound effects (creaking doors, gunshots) on down; by the time it dissolves into high-pitched staccato moans, you don't know whether to nod your head or hide under the covers.)
Future Ghosts
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John Maus
( ;D --> John Maus lives in his birthplace of Austin, Minnesota. Whilst working towards his PhD in Political Science he also composes music that taps into melancholic fantasy and affirms that we are all truly alive. Questing synthesisers, tensely strung bass lines and chasing drum machines provide the perfect backdrop for John's deeply resonant reverb-drenched vocal. Born in the decade of synth pop and sharing his birthday with George Frideric Handel, John started making music when Nirvana posters went up on every teenager's wall. It's this curious conflux of influences that partially helps to describe John's music. It's a world where the Germs jam with Jerry Goldsmith, Cabaret Voltaire relocate to Eternia and Josquin des Prez writes a new score for RoboCop. The confrontation of punk, the fleeting poignancy of 80s movie soundtracks, the insistent pulse of Moroder and the spirituality of Medieval and Baroque music all find salvation in John Maus. After a spell working alongside Ariel Pink and Gary War in Haunted Graffiti, 2006 saw the release of John's debut album proper through Upset The Rhythm.)
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Sidewalks and Skeletons
( ;D --> Dark experimental Witch House from UK.)
 Beauty in Destruction
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y tho.
( ;D --> Whichhouse from Perth, Australia.)
All That I Know

( ;D --> Wolfsheim (German pronunciation: [ˈvɔlfs.haɪm]) was a synthpop duo from Hamburg, Germany, that consisted of Markus Reinhardt and Peter Heppner. Although never officially disbanded, Wolfsheim has been inactive since 2005 due to a dispute between the two members, which even led to trials in 2007 and 2008 that forbade either member to continue Wolfsheim without the other. The band's musical style takes cues from the 1980s New Romanticism and new wave, usually considered synthpop or darkwave. They are best known for their singles "The Sparrows and the Nightingales" (1991), "Once in a Lifetime" (1998) and "Kein Zurück" (2003). Their lyrics tend to be melancholic, but at the same time modernist.)
Casting Shadows
( ;D --> Wolfsheim's fifth studio album Casting Shadows celebrates its 15th birthday! This is a beautiful release, with a delicate, distinct sound and Peter's emotional and soothing voice. It spawned their hit single Kein Zurück and another single, Find you're here/find you're gone.

Over And Out

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