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Friday, June 01, 2018

Flavor of the Week #23

( ;D --> Plike is the solo project of music producer / composer Mad Madam Em. A twisted mix of dark electro featuring the ethereal vocalizations of Veela, Holly Drummond, and Zara Taylor, Plike seeks to explore the darkest elements of the human psyche.)
Dark Room
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Totem Obscura
( ;D --> Totem Obscura< Angels family (Nadine, Cooraz & Pedro, Acylum) have made it their mission to combine a morbid and mystical world into the art of electronic music. In a sea full of bizarre melodies.)
Helden EP, Totem Obscura feat. Hubert Kah

( ;D --> Synthwave and Darksynth are the foundations of Nightcrawler’s sound universe, heavily influenced by horror soundtracks and sci-fi movies, elements blended with electronic beats and a dark atmosphere.)
Remixes Vol. 2
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Out & NimeziS
( ;D --> incognito Synth wave from Russia)

( ;D --> What started in the close family circle of cult Electric Tremor, turned into an explosive ascension towards the top of Electronic Body Music with a very personal AD:KEY identity made of stomping beats, muscled bass lines, addictive melodic electro sequences and catchy powerful male & female vocals in full symbiosis.)
10th anniversary AD​:​KEY
Reanimator (Deluxe Edition)

Over And Out

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