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Friday, September 07, 2012

Flavor of the Week #37

And One
( ;D --> Formed in 1989 by german teenage clubbers Steve Naghavi & Chris Ruiz, And One went on to become one of the most proficient and popular modern synth-pop/EBM bands in the world. Eight studio albums and multiple world tours later And One are still going strong throughout diversity, criticism, lineup changes, and controversy.)
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Keef Baker
( ;D --> Born In Leeds, UK Keith has been writing music under various names since 1989.
Keef may have gone to school with one of the Spice Girls, but thankfully that didn't shape his taste in music. Starting out in death metal bands and moving into Indie and Jazz, Keef became a session bassist. However he rediscovered music through bands such as Skinny Puppy, Test Dept and Autechre in the early to mid 90s which was when his attention turned to more electronic music. Through the years this music has mutated into a cross breed of influences, mixing IDM's penchant for 'melancholy ambience', post-industrial's 'haunting and wavering', and breakcore's 'clatter and bash' to great effect.)

The Meltdown Remixes (The Meltdown/Keef Baker's Ocdc Remix

Pure Language
Emerging Organisms Vol. 4/Cranesong

( ;D --> Birmingham's Antony Felton has been quietly turning heads with his polished blend of deep, ambient and dub influenced techno. Having already joined forces with folks behind imprints like LunaTheCat, Confineless and Retrospective Zoology, his Aepiel moniker is quickly reaching enthusiastic supporters around the world.)
Lost After Losing

( ;D --> Uwe Schmidt is one of those producers with whom it's worth taking a step back from, just to look in awe at his esteemed catalogue. Over a handful of years, the German producer has released countless albums under countless monikers -- Atom Heart, Dropshadow Disease, Dos Tracks, Midisport, Senor Coconut, LB, Erik Satin -- each showing yet another facet to his astounding talent. He makes electronic music, but this is electronic music with a whimsy and a crackead sense of musical form unlike anything you've heard before.)
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Vector lover
( ;D --> Vector Lovers is the moniker used by British electronic music producer Martin Wheeler. Wheeler, as described by Soma Records (his current label) is a "computer nerd" and "80s-obsessed knob-twiddler" and creates music which falls into the intelligent dance music (IDM) and electro genres. His music has been compared to and is influenced by such acts as Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode.)
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Over And Out

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