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Friday, September 14, 2012

Flavor of the Week #38

In Strict Confidenc 
( ;D --> For over 15 years, In Strict Confidence has been creating a unique blend of electronic industrial music. Their last few releases saw an incorporation of pop sensibilities thrown into the mix to give their songs a “rock vibe” while maintaining In Strict Confidence’s signature identity. Formed in 1992, In Strict Confidence has been carving their own niche in the music world for over a decade.  The volatile combination of Dennis Ostermann (Vocals / Programming) and Jorg Schelte (Programming) have been soaring up the German charts since the band's inception. ISC burst onto the scene to rave reviews and praises from media and fans worldwide. Soon after, they were named Orkus Magazine's newcomer of the year. Since receiving this honor, ISC has not slowed down, appearing on nearly 70 compilations and releasing seven full length albums, several singles and and two EPs.In Strict Confidence has continued their development and as we cross into the new millennium, they continue to forge ahead laying the groundwork for things to come and setting the standards for all others to follow.)
Mistrust The Angels (Bonus Edition, Re-release (original release 2002).)
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( ;D --> The music of Brooklyn's Yeasayer is an eclectic, genre-bending journey into pop, rock, Middle Eastern and African musics, folk, and dub.)
Fragrant World
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Regans Skeleton

( ;D --> For more than two decades, De/Vision members Steffan Keth and Thomas Adam have been captivating fans of electronic pop music. Over this span of time, the band has released 10 albums, gone through lineup changes, experimented with styles, and written a slew of enduring pop classics.)
Rockets & Sword
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( ;D -->He is the 63rd of the 72 spirits. He commands thirty legions. He stirs up trouble and dissension.)

( ;D --> From the bowels of the electronic underworld steps Iammynewt. A minimal approach to the complex questioning of how maddening melodies can transition into machine tight beatwork. Haunting undertones lay the framework for the project's expansive soundscape.)
hhuftd 2
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Over And Out

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