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Friday, September 28, 2012

Flavor of the Week #40

( ;D --> Minimal Dub techno from London.)
Expanse (Cv313 'expansed Reprise'
Expanse (The Remixes)
Expanse (The Remixes)

In Black
( ;D --> Seattle-based In Black is the techno project of former New Grey Area member
Robert Sifuentez.)
God Bomb

( ;D --> Sander Dennis. The San Francisco producer, who crafts dirty space-geek beats under the name Eprom, just broke through the surface of the international music industry with his first single--a double A-side 12" shared with fellow Bay resident Eskmo--out on the giant Warp label.)

Soft Moon
( ;D --> The Soft Moon is a San Francisco based neo Post-Punk band composed of Luis Vasquez (singer/songwriter/guitar/synthesizers), Justin Anastasi (bass), Damon Way (synthesizers), and Ron Robinson (visuals). Keven Tecon joined the band as a drummer in early 2012. As purveyors of the emerging Post-Apocalyptic sound, The Soft Moon has taken cues from early Synthpunk/Post-Punk bands such as Chrome, Suicide, Danse Society, and The Units.)
Zeros (30th of October.
( ;D --> San Francisco dark noise experimentalist Luis Vasquez is plotting a new album as the Soft Moon, following last year's solid Total Decay EP. It's called Zeros and will arrive on October 30 (November 5 in Europe)
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( ;D --> Therapist is an ambient DJ and artist from Bulgaria. Unity, harmony with the inner and outer cosmos, awareness and consciousness expansion are his goals both on stage and in everyday life. The therapy he offers is influenced by labels that include, but are not limited to Ultimae, Cosmicleaf, Altar, Soundmute, Dakini, Chillcode, Spiral Trax, Fluid Audio, Celestial Dragon, Twisted Records. His sound is focused primarily in the deep psybient and lush soundscapes, but also includes serene electroacoustic, authentic ethnic and world downtempo.)
Rebirth of the Quantum Dragonfly

Over And Out

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