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Friday, November 08, 2013

Flavor of the Week #46

( ;D --> Delicious “dark“ pop songs from Germany. Wynardtage is a solo dark electro project, from Kai Arnold, who releases his material on his own record label; X-Cem Records.)
close II death
( ;D --> Out on November 15th is the newest Wynardtage release „Close II Death”. „Close II Death” is a full-lengh remix album containing 17 songs with a total running time of over 70 minutes featuring remixes by bands like Acylum, Suicide Commando, Blutengel, Amduscia, Alien Vampires, Die Braut, Nachtmahr and more.)
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Sensual Harassment
( ;D --> Sensual Harassment is a two-piece, new wave/psych-pop/disco band from Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They have been influenced by groups like New Order, The Cars, The Clash, Steely Dan and Daft Punk.)
Escape From Alpha Draconis
Creature Feature

( ;D --> ∆AIMON is a male/female duo working within the dark-electronic genre to produce atmospheric and unsettling compositions. Following the success of 'AMEN', their 2010 debut, FLATLINER builds upon their previous work by peeling back the frayed edges that flirt under overblown production in order to expose a clearly defined, beautiful intensity.
Wearing their influences on their sleeves, the slow, claustrophobic works fit well within the witch-house movement but will definitely appeal to any fans of cold, dark, and occult aesthetics. ∆AIMON's deliberate and methodical approach plays out like a surgical knife, cutting deep and equally precise with heavy beats and concrete synths. Released by the Bay Area label Tundra Dubs, these six new tracks continue to play with the push/pull structure found in ∆AIMON's earlier works but FLATLINER is set apart most obviously by its passionate delivery. Every vocal line and every explicit layer within the dense orchestrations seem built with a specific intent. Dense and weighed heavily by a bleak and oddly romantic sentiment.)

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( ;D --> Talvekoidik is the electronica side-project of the german musician Kai Christian Hahnewald, founding member of S.K.E.T. With his first release as Talvekoidik - an estonian word meaning winterdawn - he offers an album with influences in Gridlock and Beefcake as well as in scandinavian, baltic, arabic and african musical traditions.
Talvekoidik's music is a demonstration of Kai's talent: terms of rhythmic structures supporting catchy melodies, oppositions and contrasts enriched by a celtic feeling, alternately powerful, fragile and rough.)

Negotiate the distance

Mater Suspiria Vision
( ;D --> Witch House - Ghost Drone - Haunted Disco Trance, Hansel and Gretel, Underground Culture of Kabul, Machine Gun Noise.)
In Death It Ends - Theme from Diabolique (Mater Suspiria Vision Mindshift Remix)
PD?-?101 DIABOLIQUE Soundtrack
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Over And Out

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