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Friday, November 29, 2013

Flavor of the Week #49

( ;D --> Electronic, IDM, Dark Ambient, Witch House from Düsseldorf.)
Amorphic Fields

( ;D --> Conjecture is a post-industrial project created mid 2012 by Vasilis Angelopoulos. In the paths off the previous project, "Gas Masked Lestat", and combining different styles of experimental music such as dark ambient incorporating oldschool industrial/rhythmic noise elements, using mostly hardware instead of DAWs.)
( ;D --> The first Conjecture CD will be released in 2014 and it will include participations with such industrial and ambient projects as Mourmansk 150, Lith, Mytrip and ZandoZ Corp..)

Binary Fate
( ;D --> Chillwave, Electronic Haunted House, Darkwave, Drag, Ethereal, Witch House. Cosmic Witch :D.)
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Diamond Version
( ;D --> Experiemental dance musicians walk a fine line. On one hand, there’s a drive to push the limits of electronic invention; but then, you can’t ignore the beat. It’s a limitation to a physical, often emotional matrix. Diamond Version embody this conflict moreso than most. The duo, formed of German producers Byetone and Alva Noto, make driving, intelligent floor-fillers that are darkly ecstatic and drain the potential of this vernacular.)
EP5 (Digital EP – Mute)
( ;D --> EP n° 5 from the German IDM wizards; once more amazing electronics.)
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( ;D --> Seabound is a synthpop/futurepop duo from Germany. Their lyrics are in English and for the most part explore the human psyche and the way that everyday events can affect a person psychologically. Meeting through joint friends, Frank Spinath and Martin Vorbrodt came from different worlds. Because they were so different personality-wise and musically, they weren't certain if a musical collaboration would work. Despite this, they decided to try anyway. The duo quickly discovered that their differences yielded a successful electronic sound that thrived with creative contradictions. They decided to call themselves Seabound because of Frank's love of the ocean and the fact that Martin was born near the shore. The name also implies a ship leaving from a safe harbor into the unknown and sometimes treacherous seas, a metaphor for the band itself.)
Speak In Storms (released on February 11, 2014.)
( ;D --> After a full 7 years of absence, Seabound are delivering a new studio album "Speak In Storms". The dark electronic duo consisting of Frank Spinath and Martin Vorbrodt were forced into standby modus because of Martin moving to the United States in 2008. However, the band started again 2 years ago, exchanging their musical achievements over the internet, and are almost done with their new album titled "Speak in Storms".)
When Black Beats Blue
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Over And Out

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