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Friday, November 22, 2013

Flavor of the Week #48

( ;D --> When two long-time friends, with totally opposite music tastes and backgrounds, decide making music together, the result can only be eclectic, exploding and absolutely contradictory. JUNKSISTA is the burning sonic firework resulting from the clash of the two strong personalities of sexy provocative and electro-addict Diana and highly skilled guitarist and perfectionist studio guru Boog. Hailing from Southern Germany, the duo offers a fresh and electric mix of catchy electro tunes, sexually explicit lyrics, sensual half-sung half-spoken female vocals, funky guitar riffs and tons of bass and synthesizer filled grooves. JUNKSISTA stands for catchy electro-cunt-rock that packs an electronic power punch to the gut. From the spanking industrial beats of dark fetish clubs to the distorted synths of an angst-filled orgy of sweatily dancing bodies, JUNKSISTA know no limits. They explore all forms of musics ranging from good old GARBAGE to 80′s dance through laidback electro; while they can as well spit their dirty silly lyrics onto explosive dance anthems with a gritty bass edge or other lighter electronic pop songs.)
Bad case of Fabulous
( ;D --> patten first emerged on No Pain In Pop in 2011 with the excellent GLAQJO XAACSSO LP, which saw the producer weave together a tapestry of sounds perhaps best described as a combination of Actress and Autechre filtered through a gauzy autumnal haze. In the subsequent period, the publicity-shy producer has kept a low profile, with no recorded material to speak of, and has instead focused on establishing the Kaleidoscope label, which his broken artists like Karen Gwyer and Yearning Kru during its lifespan.
Eolian Instate

Light Asylum
( ;D --> As their self-released In Tension EP circulated and resonated with new leagues of listeners worldwide, the reputation of duo Shannon Funchess and Bruno Coviello sweltered via their intense live show, collaborations, and remixes. LIGHT ASYLUM marks Funchess’ and Coviello’s return to the recorded fray with renewed intent, emotion and visceral energy, all to powerful effect. Described as ʻable to hypnotize and hold an audience in a state of bondage’, Funchess has sealed a reverent status through her vocal breadth and captivating expression. Having shared recordings with the likes of Teengirl Fantasy, Telepathe, TV On The Radio, !!!, and Ford & Lopatin, the multi- instrumentalist’s vocal talents stay in steady demand. LIGHT ASYLUM cements Funchess’reputation as a singular voice. From the guttural intonations and militaristic drills to the melancholic leading melodies and operatic tenor, Funchessʼ range remains wide but balanced and carefully controlled.)
In tention
Dark Allies
Light Asylum

Miss Kittin
( ;D --> Caroline Hervé (born 1973), better known by her stage name Miss Kittin, is a French electronic music DJ, singer, and songwriter. Since rising to prominence in 1998 for her singles "1982" and "Frank Sinatra" with The Hacker, she has worked with other musicians such as Chicks on Speed, Felix da Housecat and Golden Boy. She released her debut solo album I Com in 2004 and second solo album BatBox in 2008. She achieved international popularity with the singles "Rippin Kittin" and "Silver Screen Shower Scene".)
Maneki Neko EP
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#366:A life lived
( ;D --> #366 A Life Lived might be a new band, the band members are far from newbies. They did hard industrial electro in the nineties as Slug and Headtrip Inc. with demo productions for the latter by Covenant's Eskil Simonsson ("Pure past" 2-track single digitally released on Electric Fantastic Sound in October 2006) and S.P.O.C.K.'s Christer Hermodsson ("MRC Session" 2-track demo). Members shifted and the band broke apart after a gig in Germany in 2001. The 'originals' got together again in 2011 and formed '#366 A Life Lived' with a more experimental electro. Says the band: "We were young, drank lot on gigs and misbehaved. We don't want that anymore. We want the core of music, preferably the electronic version.)
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Over and Out

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