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Friday, August 08, 2014

Flavor of the Week #32

Mentallo and the fixer
( ;D --> Mentallo and the Fixer is the industrial brainchild of two brothers from Texas, Gary and Dwayne Dassing. Mentallo and the Fixer derived its name from a pair of comic book characters whose origins have long since faded into obscurity.The Dassing brothers were raised on rock music, so their first instruments were actually the guitar (Dwayne) and drums (Gary). However, this changed when the pair discovered a number of new wave bands whose music was heavily saturated with synthesizers. Dwayne specifically lists the Cars, early Orchestral Manouevres in the Dark, and especially Gary Numan as strong influences to Mentallo and the Fixer.)
Zothera (release September 26th )
( ;D --> Cult American electro/industrial act MENTALLO & THE FIXER strikes back with another limited edition 3CD box release that will no doubt please all their fans! Like its title suggests, "Zothera" refers to the two Texan brother's (Gary and Dwayne Dassing) golden years period when they signed a multiple-album deal with Talla 2XLC's legendary German label Zoth Ommog. This new box-release does not only hold fully remastered versions of the classic albums "Revelations 23" and "Where Angels Fear To Tread", but also the exclusive "Apocrypha" bonus disc, a unique retrospective album featuring 16 hidden old-school treasures (over 70 plus minutes) with a majority of previously unreleased remixes/versions! Highly emotional and complex, MENTALLO & THE FIXER's music is characterized by snarling distorted vocals, hard cutting sequencer rhythms and thunderous beats. If the "Revelations 23" album laid the brutal electro-industrial foundations of MENTALLO & THE FIXER's huge discography with strong and aggressive hits like "Legion of Lepers", "Pulse Hemorrhage", or yet "Ancient Languages"; the "Where Angels Fear to Tread" 3rd album confirmed the band's raw power, dark intensity and multi-layered compositions' complexity with killer tracks like "Sacrilege", "Bring to a Boil" or "Afterglow".) "The remastering made such a huge difference. I'm so very pleased with the quality. It's amazing! It's like reliving a specific defined memory for me…", proudly says Gary Dassing about these 2 remastered albums.)
Commandments For The Molecular Age
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Antoni Maiovvi¨‏
( ;D--> Antoni Maiovvi's music is akin to the overwhelming horror of the stalked. The sound of dimly lit streets where everyone is at risk. A place of supernatural existential terror where the lines of reality become that of opium blurs. Operating from spaces previously occupied by Goblin, Tangerine Dream, Patrick Cowley and John Carpenter, under the pseudonym Antoni Maiovvi, Anton Maiof (Geisha / Defibrillators) has been creating psychotronic disco for the criminally insane since 2005 having emerged from the UK's underground noise scene, here presenting retro-futurist b-movie soundtracks with the precision and flair of an Argento death sequence.)
A Suitcase Of Twelves Vol. 1
The Heartworm
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Diamondback Kid
( ;D --> Electro & Electrofunk, some ambience, some distortion, some Men Who Knew Too Much & a bit of Casimir Punk, a little Svalbard, a pinch of Giuseppe Mereu, a touch of Silver Diamond and a whole load of Diamondback Kid.)
Disconnect E.P.
Coma (Taken from the 'Electro Compendium')
( ;D --> After having played in several underground bands in Luxembourg,singer-songwriter Jerome Reuter almost unintentionally founded ROME in December 2005. The music and lyrical world of ROME is genuinely unique and constantly brilliant. Blending excellent songwriting craftsmanship, unusual arrangements and fine poetry into one monstruous and intimate musical output that combines chanson, dark ambient, apocalyptic folk, pop, acoustic rock, martial industrial, cold wave – all rolled into one impressive avantgarde package.)
A passage to Rhodesia
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( ;D --> Influenced by techno as well as rock, German electronic body music (EBM) group Rotersand established themselves as a powerful live act and also released new music on a regular basis. Formed in 2002 in Gelsenkirchen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Rotersand are comprised of Gun (born Gunther Gerl), Rasc (Rascal Nikov), and Krischan (Krischan Jan-Eric Wesenberg).)
Excerpts of :truth is fanatic again pt1
Random Is Resistance
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Over And Out

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