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Friday, December 25, 2015

Flavor of the Week #52

( ;D --> Autist is an electronic band that borders on a mix of psych, grunge, dance and punk. It consists of former members of the electro band Aniaetleprogrammeur and drummer Christopher Chartrand (Crystal Castles).)

Aga Wilk
( ;D --> Aga Wilk is a Berlin based woman-machine solo project. Here vintage synthesizers and vocoders are used as means for spreading the Cold Disko spirit. Her latest release, a limited edition split tape with Marburg, is available on Oficyna Biedota label.)
B1. Aga Wilk - Love Like A Robot (Flemming Dalum Remix)– MEC018

( ;D --> In a near future when we know of no separation between humans and machines, when humans extend their minds and bodies with nanobots and artificial intelligence and become superhumans - what kind of music will they make? Non-biological intelligence will have access to its own design and will be able to improve itself in an increasingly rapid redesign cycle. But superhumans will also be expressing themselves by art and music - getting in touch with their human legacy. Singularitarians has already started this transcending journey, having recognized that the future is already upon us. What you hear on this album is the sound of the future, filtered through the past now – this is the sound of Retrosonic Voices.)
Retrosonic Voices

The Enigma TNG
( ;D --> The Enigma TNG (Che'Z Collins), A very diverse, dark electronic music producer / composer from US, Pennsylvania.)
Kill X
Cyberpunk | Electronica - Beyond The Stars

Eternity is now
( ;D --> “Eternity is Now” is the result of a complex blend from Industrial, Dark, Rhythmic and Ambient sounds. The project attempts to create a Soundtrack displaying a wide range of influences, feelings and Philosophies.)
Filling The Void

Merry Xmas
Over and Out

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