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Friday, December 18, 2015

Flavor of the Week #51

( ;D --> Kalipo is Jakob Häglsperger, a Bavarian born producer who has made a name for himself as a producer for Marcus Wiebusch, Ira Atari, pandoras box and Fuck Art, Let’s Dance, but is more widely known as a member the German electro punk outfit Frittenbude for which he has produced three albums. As Kalipo, the now Berlin-based artist goes into a different and less wild musical direction, blending lush House rhythms with trance inducing Techno beats somewhere between 110 and 130 bpm while also taking cues from Downbeat and Gamelan traditions.)
Guten Morgen Lärz
Aaron J. Cunningham
( ;D --> Toronto producer Aaron J. Cunningham, best known for his work as SINS, debuts a brand new music video for "Blood In The Streets" with THUMP.
Blood In The Streets
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Werner Karloff
( ;D --> Werner karloff is an artist located in México city , his musical style is based on music from artists like Stratis , Andy arroganti ,circuit 7 etc... also some artistic influences such as Futurism, Constructivism and German Expressionism.)
Neue strassen -Landschaften und maschinen - EP
Dreiecke Und Quadrate

( ;D --> Pronounced (Many Names) Emanating an essence that is synth driven and infused with mystical lyricism, MNYNMS presents a musical platform that represents the art of sound and creative transcendence. A collaborative endeavor that streams from the minds of Jessica Wahlquist Lacey Youngblood and J.Childs, MNYNMS came to fruition organically, cultivating it's artistry through multi-faceted principles and unparalleled energy. Driven by the craft of style and seeped in spectral roots, MNYNMS culminates a visionary aspect transported through many names and many lifetimes, entirely enveloped with dynamic elements of refinement.)
MNYNMS presents: THE "SELECT SERIES" A quarterly mix by member Lacey Youngblood
Thomas Roberts - Secret Garden (MNYNMS Remake) 128k
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Cyril Hahn
( ;D --> Over the last years the industry has come to know and love the signature, ethereal sounds of the producer Cyril Hahn.)
Begin EP
Getting there

Over And Out


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