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Friday, July 27, 2012

Flavor of the Week #31

Terminal twilight
( ;D --> "Fuck the beach, give me the tundra. Terminal Twilight are bucking trends -dropping gigantic blocks of ice on them, in fact. These songs are cleaner and more neatly constructed than a German Army parka, fresh off the factory line. Not one grain of distortion to be found in the seams ... in accordance with their name, Terminal Twilight have ... a late night, introspective groove going on. And, to put the metaphor to bed, this stuff’s COLD.")
White Willow
House of love
House of love!

Tuomas Rantanen
( ;D --> Tuomas Rantanen comes from Finland and his musical style is dark industrial techno. He has created a very unique music expression where strong driving percussions and rhythms combines to cold and dark atmosphere and ambience elements. Prior to his own music productions he studied classical guitar and theory of music at Tampere Conservatory, and in 1995 he also started to make his own music productions. Tuomas Rantanen strives to depict the soundscape of the modern technological society and its change through the medium electronic music. His aim has been to describe how nature has changed to an industrial nature and to show how radically the soundscapes surrounding us have also changed in a short period of time. In his music Rantanen tries to convey the feeling of how natural sounds have been replaced with different industrial, mechanic and electronic sounds over the course of time.)
Empire EP
Odysseia EP

( ;D --> Groovy experimental electro/dustep from LA California.)
Vacation - EP
See also:

( ;D --> “Cloughley (Anodyne) may have been absent from the scene for more than a decade, but his return is strangely timely; the Anodyne sound, while drawing on the sonic tropes of the 90s, finds touchstones with the searing industrial techno of the Downwards camp and the paranoiac bass pressure of dubstep’s more screwfaced exponents. Not to mention his being embraced by the establishment figures he clearly admires, from Rob Hall of Skam to Warp stalwarts Autechre, Plaid and The Black Dog.)
The 4 Empires E.P.
Empire of Glass

( ;D --> R. Kalsi, or better known for this stage name Kromestar, is a Dubstep producer from South London. He's also known for using his other alias 'IronSoul', which he's used when he started created underground Grime tracks. Kromestar is considered to be one of the original dubstep producers, and is well respected in the Dubstep scene.)
Colourful Vibrations
In 2 Minds

Over And Out

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