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Friday, June 17, 2016

Flavor of the Week #24

Several Definitions
( ;D --> Super talented Swiss producer Jeremy Vieira is known as Several Definitions. His fresh sound means another step in the contemporary electronic music scene. His sound is hard to get a clear definition, it rides between tech-house and trance.)
The Dark Triangles EP
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Swayzak / S_W_Z_K
( ;D --> Since 1997, James “darkfarmer” Taylor and David “brun” Brown have been plying their trade as the influential underground electronic act SWAYZAK. In that time they have released 5 studio albums and 2 dj compilations which have awoken the world of electronic music to their signature sound. Starting with the deep dubbed out classic “Snowboarding in Argentina” via the legendary “Fabric 11” cd to singles like “State of Grace”, “Make up your Mind” and “In the Car Crash” and the more experimental works of the “Clicks and Cuts”, not forgeting the acclaimed works on M_nus with Detroit’s Theorem and the all out electro pop assault of 2002's “Dirty Dancing”. Swayzak somehow still manage to be dark, twisted and unmistakable.)
Swayzak  ‎– In Flanders Field EP
Snowblind EP
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Mark Pritchard
( ;D --> Mark Pritchard has previously recorded under many guises - including Africa Hi-Tech, Harmonic 313, and Harmonic 33, to name a few.  As one half of Global Communication and Jedi Knights, Mark Pritchard has released some of the most important records of the early nineties, and his work continues to influence younger musicians today.)
Under the Sun
Sad Alron
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( ;D --> Matmos is an experimental electronic music duo originally from San Francisco but now residing in Baltimore signed to the Matador Records label. M. C. (Martin) Schmidt and Drew Daniel are the core members, but they frequently include other artists on their records and in their performances, including notably J Lesser. Much of their work could be classified as a pop version of the musique concrète genre[citation needed]. The name Matmos refers to the seething lake of evil slime beneath the city Sogo in the 1968 film Barbarella.[citation needed] The name might also originate from Swedish, literally meaning "mashed food".)
Ultimate Care II
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Adan & Ilse
( ;D --> Adán & Ilse is a prolific band, unleashing their 4th full length since 2013! The French formation now consist of Pedro Peñas Robles (Unknown Pleasures Records owner and formerly known under the HIV+ moniker) and Michel Lecamp (aka Usher, and involved in different projects like Norma Loy, black Egg ao). The main change consists of Peter Rainman who left the band.)
sadisco r3mix3d [synth wave - minimal synth] (UPR 004) - Compact Disc
Dream Up
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Over And Out

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